Thursday, January 8, 2009

Just another random post

I have nothing imparticular to say but I feel like writing anyways so excuse me if this is random and scattered.

I've been so pumped up lately with moving my body and watching what I'm eating,,,,, Finally I'm into it again!! Alls it took was for me to start seeing numbers dropping on the scale and I want them to keep going in the downward motion! Plus I want to be in good enough shape to keep up in belly dancing class! Which believe it or not I'm getting excited about! I rented a video from the library, it was a belly dancing workout and I tried it Tuesday night,, it was fun, but my sides were cramping up by the end!! Then the next day I was doing the hula hoop on the wii fit and my sides cramped up so bad I wanted to quit,, but didn't!! So I must be working some muscles!! Maybe I can lose that roll around my middle!

Emma is walking now. She walks just as much as she crawls if not more!! Plus she can stand herself up from the floor without pulling herself up on anything! Thats amazing to me! She wont be 1 until next Tuesday! We are going to have a small party for her and Gary on Sunday afternoon. There are so many people I want to invite but I dont want my house to be overly crowed so its just close family and I'm letting Gary have a couple friends over. That will be a first, cause none of his school friend have ever came over before! 4 boys 7 and 8 years old,, that should be interesting!! Anyways I'm excited about the party,,, a little stressed to but more excited than stressed. I wish it was not winter so we could have it outside and invite everyone that I wanted but I guess we should of thought about that as we were conceiving because there is nothing to be done about it now! :)

I suppose I should get off here now. I am so happy and loving life right now,, SMILES !!!


Andy said...

That is awsome about Emma!!!! I remember when Corbyn started walking, gave no hint of it just got up and started walking across the room, and then Stephanie Screamed (her screams of excitement can sounds a lot like her screams of terror) and he sat down and started crying and wouldn't walk again till the next day... anyway I am so happy for you!!!!

Aimee Kieffer, aka "Momzoo" said...

It is so fun when babies learn to walk, the are so cute!

Congrats on losing some weight, that always feels good!

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