Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Emma's checkup and our weekend

Today was Emmas 3 yr old check up.  My "little" girl weighs 42 pounds and is 42 inches tall.  A pound for every inch. LOL.  She is such a big girl now!  She really doesnt look chubby anymore though because she is so tall.  Shes beautiful and I love her!   We do have some worries about her still not recognizing her colors.  The doctor gave her a eye exam and she didnt do to well.  He told me to continue working with her and call back in 6 months and if she hasnt improved any he will refer her to a pediatric optomologist.   Hopefully it is just her being stubborn and there isnt actually anything wrong with her. 

We had a good Easter weekend.  We went to my sisters Saturday afternoon to celebrate the occasion

 Heres all the troops heading out for the egg hunt

 Do you see the egg?  She doesn't. :)
 And here's Emma checking out all her goodies that were inside her eggs.
We had a nice time. Then Sunday morning we just stayed home and I made a nice big turkey dinner.  It was yummy.  I've been doing lots of going through things and organizing still.  I'm getting quite the collection for a garage sale this summer!

Friday, April 22, 2011

Weekly weigh in and my new way of thinking

I'm very excited this morning!  I don't know if anyone has been paying attention but every Friday I've been updating my weight losses on the side bar.  I've been lucky enough to loose at least a little every week.  So far my total loss is 13.4 pounds, I lost 3.4 just this week.  And guess what??  I didn't count my points for weight watchers.  gasp.....    I actually haven't counted any points for about a week and a half.  I wanted to see what would happen.  So what did I do to lose you ask.  Well I ate healthy, whole foods.  After lots of research, reading and watching a few documentaries, I have decided this is the way to go.  Our bodies want natural foods, not the processed junk that I've been feeding my family for,,,well pretty much thier whole lives.  I have not given up all processed foods but I'm trying my hardest to really lessen the amount that we eat.  I've also learned that all the fat free/low fat stuff really is not that good for us.  yeah they remove the fat but then they usually add all artificial sweeteners and other junk that isnt really all that good for us.  Fat is not the enemy and our body needs some healthy fat in our foods.  When we eat regular food our body feels fuller so we can eat less and feel satisfied.  I lot of my own personal issue has been learning when my body is satisfied and to not over stuff myself.    A lot of my issue has been the cost of things, organic mainly.  But after all the research I've done I've decided that we are worth the little extra cost, and honestly if we cut out buying all the extra junk then the whole thing will problay balance itself out in the grocery department.  
The biggest change for me I think is in the meat department.  I WILL NOT be buying just any type of meat or eggs from the grocery any more.  There is a family farm that I guess is not to far from me and I am going to hopefully start buying from there.  It is horrible and sicking what goes on in our mass food production in this country and after watching horrible videos I can not participate in the cruelty ever again.  The last one I watched was around 13 minutes long and I could only watch about 4 before I had to shut it off.  I will never be a vegetarian but I will not give my money to those people anymore.    I am not trying to change anyone elses views.  People have the knowledge and resources to see and judge on their own.   I can't control what we eat when we are not home and I will still eat whatever food I am served at others homes, I am not purchasing that stuff so in my mind that makes it a little better.      I'm having a hard time getting my husband on board with the whole thing but I Think he understands now that my mind is made up and there is not a whole lot he can do about it.  He still loves me so its all good.  He just says he doesnt want to hear about it. 

Like I said I am not trying to sway anyones views, but I will post a couple of links just in case you are interested:

the movie Food Inc is a great one,,, its streaming on netflix for those that have that
another good one is King Corn
another is Food Matters,,I think all of these movies are on Netflix.
A  good blog is 100 days of real food

I'm not even gonna link to the horrible video that changed my life forever as far as meat is concerned....if you really wanna watch it though let me know and I'll tell ya where to find it. 

Have a great Easter weekend everyone.

Thursday, April 21, 2011

I'm still alive

I haven't fallen off the face of the Earth.  Although there was a point over the past week that I was wishing I had.  I had mentioned in my last post the by back was bothering me, well it got extremely bad.  So bad that I went to a urgent care facility and they sent me over to the hospital to have a Cat Scan done on my lower abdomen.  We were all thinking that I had a cyst on my ovary or something was going wrong in that department due to it happening every month but this time was like no other.  I could barely move.  The scan ended up showing no abnormalities so the doc said it must just be a issue with my back.  For over a week I was in extreme pain, worse than anything I had felt before, finally now its slowly starting to get back to normal.  The pain is still there a little but its much better today.  Thats why I wasnt posting, I couldnt hardly sit up long enough to type out a post.   It all still leaves me wondering though if it isnt something more than just a back issue, especially since it happens monthly.  I am just praying that it doesnt happen like this again next month.  I have a appt at the gyno next Tuesday morning so we will see what they say.

Anyways things have been kinda rough here, mainly due to that.  My husband has a weird reaction to when people get sick or are in pain.  He has no sympathy and almost gets mad.  He barely talked to me over the last week.  Its been hard, but hopefully things will start improving now that I'm on the mend.  My oldest, Jess, was a big help but besides that I was pretty much on my own around here. 

I've had a lot more on my mind but I think thats all for today. I mainly just wanted to let everyone know what was going season has begun for the kiddos.  Lifes gonna be getting busy!

Monday, April 11, 2011

Quick thoughts

It's getting late and I'm tired.  I'm sitting here waiting for my 3rd shift child care kid to come so I can head to bed.  I'm feeling very grumpy tonight,, I dont like feeling this way.  My lower back is KILLING me.  This has been happening to me every month.  The pain is darn near unbearable.  I'm thinking it has something to do with my monthly cycle because it happens every single month.  It's not cramps, its all in my back but it seems to happen a week or two before my period starts.  Not sure why.  It makes doing almost everything painful and hard.   My laundry is piling up something fierce,, I've  been doing some just havent taken the time to fold or put away.  I have to get on top of that tomorrow. 

Another reason I'm so aggravated is the last 3 weeks my grocery bill has been outrageous!  Since I started weight watchers I've been buying different kinds of foods.  My bill has been crazy.  I've been thinking a lot and I dont wanna buy fat free everything,,, I wanna still be able to make food from scratch, and eat whole healthy natural food.  Not buy processed stuff because its easier to count the points that way.   Ugh,,,, It is working, but I think I could still continue to loose weight buy watching my portions and eating healthy.  I'm paid up for 3 months before I have to renew my subscription again.  I might not do it.  

We have been very loose lately with our spending also.  We have made a lot of big purchased over the past few months..And while we did pay cash and didnt use credit to buy any of it I think its time to buckle down again and really watch  where our money is going.  We have a fun thing planned for Memorial Day weekend and I wanna make sure we have plenty of cash for that and yet still have money in the bank when we come home.  

Well she's here now, so I"m off to brush my teeth, let the doggie out and head to my awesome bed... Some days I really wish I could just stay in there all day and sleep the day away...haha.

Monday, April 4, 2011


Ok,, just cause mom to 9 called me a meanie(LOL)  here's a picture of my hair.  It's not super diffrent, just got a lot more layers.  So I'm thinking of going with blonde hightlights all around my face. How do you all think that would look?


It's Monday-----need I say more?  haha

Our weekend was ok.  The birthday party Friday night was super fun. Then we came home and did Karaoke, put the kids to bed, and ended up staying up way to late., again!  It wasnt nearly as fun as normal due to me and hubby getting into a pretty heated argument.  I just wanted to go to bed  but that didnt happen,, he doesnt get that he may be used to staying up all night for work, but I'm not.  It was 4:30 before I finally got to sleep and I had to be up by 7:30 to get ready and go to that 31 party with my mom.  Needless to say I was dragging all day Saturday.  The 31 party was fun though.  I ordered myself a cute little apron.  I've always wanted a cute apron to wear around while I'm cooking and cleaning.  The lady that was hosting the party had the one I ordered on and she looked super cute.  She was a lot smaller than me though so I hope it looks as cute on me as it did her.  I also ordered a thermal picnic bag type thing so when we go to the lakes and on outings this summer we can keep our cold stuff cold.  I spent more than I was planning on but oh well, we've all gotta treat ourselves every once in a while right? 
Then on Saturday afternoon we ended up going to Manards and getting something we have wanted to have forever.  Its kinda like a portable screened in gazebo.  Its got a roof and screens all the way around it that you can zip closed.  We are gonna connect it to our back porch so we can be out there even if its sprinkling rain and stuff , plus it will give us some extra shade in the summer time.  I'm super excited about it. 
We were in bed by ten Saturday night and I ended up sleeping in til 11 on Sunday morning, thanks to hubby.  I really needed that!  Then I took the big kids to see the new Diary of a Wimpy kid movie, I had promised them I'd take them to see it while they were on Spring Break, they both had gift cards to the movies.  So we got that outta the way so I didnt have to hear them asking when we were gonna go all week.  It was a cute funny movie. 
So that brings us to today,, I've been catching up on laundry and all that other fun stuff that comes with this day of the week.  Its raining outside. :(  All the kids are being rather lazy today,, I actually just got Emma dressed and its almost 3pm. LOL  I need to go clean up her room as they trashed it this morning.  OH the joys. 

Friday, April 1, 2011

Random thoughts

-Im so glad its Friday, normally Im full of energy on Fridays but today I'm dragging and have a massive headache.

-Tonight were going to my sisters 26th b-day party at my mom's house and tomorrow morning I'm going to a 31 party with my mom. (never been to one and not quite sure what to expect).

-This morning I watched my neighbors kids for a few hours.  It was fun but I was reminded that having a 1 yr old, 2 yr old, two 3 yr olds, and a  5 yr old is a LOT of work.  There wasnt much sitting down for me here this morning.

-Next week is spring break for the kiddos which means it will be full and crazy around here....really hoping for some nice weather!

-I think I hear Emma messing around in her bedroom right now, this will be the 3rd day in a row that she has not went to sleep during nap time. 

-Today's April Fools day, Ben texted me this morning and told me he had to work tonight( this was supposed to be his first Friday night off in a month),,,,I was to smart for that though and told him I knew it was April fools!

-I got my hair cut last night,  No I dont look like Kesha but I am seriously thinking of going in Sunday and getting something the lady said was called focused foil highlights so the top of my hair will be blonde.  Then I can be the rock star mom that Jess wants me to be. :)

-Jess fully admits to me that all her friends and she thinks I'm totally awesome!  I love that!  But as she is getting older I know there will be a fine line that cant be crossed when it comes to being a friend/mom to her.  I still want to be able to talk openly with her about things but hope she will react well when she tells me something that I dont agree with and I have to tell her no or something to that extent.

-I'm hoping for another fun filled weekend with the family!   I've also been thinking its about time me and hubby had a night out soon.

Have a great weekend all!
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