Sunday, January 11, 2009

Cake anyone?

We had Emma's and Gary's birthday parties on Sunday afternoon. It was fun! Emma got some cute presents
Gary got some good ones too. The big one for him was a 410 gun. Its just the right size for him, so now he can go hunting with dad! It comes apart and has 2 different things,,, I know nothing about guns so bear with me,, but I think the barrel is changeable,, I know it can be a 22 or a 410 shot gun. Something like that.
We had our cupcakes then. Plus I made a homemade ice cream cake! It was awesome. The recipe came from the Duggar's book. Here are some pictures of Emma with her first cake ever,, she dug right into it. It was so cute.

Did you notice the big boo boo under her eye? 10 minutes before the party started she fell into the bottom of the table I had set up in the living room for the party. Poor thing, she cried for like ten minutes.. I felt awful,, so now she has a bad eye in all her birthday pics....


Tereza said...

Happy birthday kids!

Anonymous said...

Poor Emma! You know it always goes like that! It happens sometimes with my kids too. :)

I looks like they had a great time!


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