Tuesday, January 20, 2009


I've kept pretty busy today. Got quiet a few things accomplished! I dusted and quick mopped. Reorganized a few things. Did 45 minutes on the wii fit! Ate a salad for lunch!!(proud of myself there:) ). Got laundry done. I keep debating on if I should go ahead and move Emma and her things into her room that is currently the playroom/junk room. Her things are slowly starting to take over my room and the living room. I had wanted to paint and lay new carpet before we moved her over but to to lack of funds,, it doesn't look like that will be happening anytime soon. There isn't anything terribly wrong with the carpet, it just has a lot of stains and things on it. So I don't know,,, I have a hard time making decisions!!
I watched the inauguration of our new president today. I am not a big political person but for some reason I got very emotional watching it. Maybe cause of it being such a big deal,,, history in the making. IN some ways we have came so far as a country,, but in others we are still so far behind,,, in my opinion, but that's all I'm going to say about that. Here's hoping for better days for the USA!


Steph said...

I too felt a little emotional. It was kinda weird. I think it was because it was history in the making and because I have such concerns about this president. I think we all just need to pray that he makes decisions upon Gods word and not his own.

Anonymous said...

I only heard about 5 minutes of it but I think it was a great speech! Did you see all of those people? Wow! That's great.

You got a lot accomplished! You know what I think about Emma's room. Do it! :D


Jaime said...

If you are ready to move Emma, you should do it! You can always move her stuff out to lay carpet later. Have you checked out the mistinted paint shelf at Lowe's? You can get a gallon of paint for $5. The girls always check it when we go. Just in case there is a color they want in their clubhouse.

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