Sunday, January 4, 2009

Menu plan 1-4-2009

so here is our plan for this week. Last week we didn't do to well following the plan but I can guarantee that for the next few weeks we will be pretty strict on following my menus due to my limited grocery budget. The kiddos are back to school so I'm going back to just listing dinners, for breakfast its usually cereal, oatmeal, eggs,,, or something fairly simple like that.

*Beef cubed steak, mashed potatoes, creamed corn
*pork chops, rice, peas
*spaghetti and garlic bread
*stir fry and rice
*chili mac with cornbread
*homemade peperoni pizza
*leftovers and our last Christmas for the season!!

Anyone have any tried and to meal/recipes for a tight budget? Something tried and true... I'd love to hear somethings other people do! :)

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