Friday, January 16, 2009

Updated belly dancing

My mom called today with bad news :( Our bellydancing class has been canceled due to there not being enough people signed up. WWAAHHHH...

When I heard the news it was depressing and a relief at the same time. I was counting down the days and getting excited and nearvous at the same time... Oh well, she said there is another class in March so as long as the it doesnt interfere with the kids soccer schedule maybe we will try that one.

I know you are all dissapointed cause you wanted to hear of my experiance:) Hopefully the March one will work out.... The good new is I have lost 7 pounds! Yay me:)


Okay, well mom called back 20 minutes later and said someone at work told her one of the local dance schools in town has a belly dancing class that starts this Sunday. So guess who is now going to that we are back on,,,, this is soo crazy!!

1 comment:

Tereza said...

ooooooh congratson the weight loss!!! How exiting!
I'm sure you'll enjoy getting out to dance away!

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