Monday, December 29, 2008

Christmas Pictures

Here are just a few pic's from our Christmas day adventure. This is at our house at about 6:15a.m. Christmas morning!! Here's Ben with his new hunting blink I got him,,, he was so excited and couldnt lelieve how big it was,,, as I type he and Gary are out in the woods now!

This is at my moms house around 9:15a.m. The 2 babies in their matching dresses:)

And here is Miss Emma with one of her favorite presents,,, shes been toting that baby around with her everywhere she goes.

The 5 of us


Tereza said...

6:15 am...yikes:)
Glad you could find something your hubby actualy likes! I always have trouble with that:)

Anonymous said...

Great pics! Everyone looks so happy at 6:15!! :D That pic of Emma with her baby cracks me up! It's so cute!! lol!! I hope your day was great! :)


Jill said...

Yeah, the early morning Christmas is a tradition. When I lived at home I would wake up at like 3,,,actually I could hardly sleep at all because I was always so excited to see what I got for that I have my own kids they seem to have inherited wakin early from me. I told them we couldnt get up til at least 6:30 becasue of Emma,,, I knew she wouldnt be awake but everyone accept for Emma ended up in my bed at 5:30,, hubby was the one that wanted me to let them get up! So I made them lay there until 6:00 then we woke up Emma....she was so funny she was excited because everyone else was but she had no clue what we were so excited about! :) Fun times!

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