Sunday, December 28, 2008

Great Christmas.

Well I had a big invisionment of my post with lots of pictures from Christmas for everyone but for some reason my camera card is not registering on my computer... hopefully nothing is wrong! We had a wonderful Christmas though, the kids got everything they wanted and more,, I even got what I wanted! The wii fit game and board!! Hubby got it for me, I was so excited. Its pretty fun, the whole family enjoys it not just me. It told me how fat I was though, but I think it will be encouraging for me,, there are games you can play but its exercise at the same time, and it tracks your progress along the way....motivation is exactly what I need right now! Hubby and I both agree that come the new year we are getting real serious about losing some weight and eating healthier!! Over the past week or so we've ate all kinds of junk,, people keep giving us sweets!!! I got hubby the ground blind for deer hunting hes been wanting, he was really happy!

Well, once I figure out whats going on with my camera card I'll try and post some pictures.

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