Wednesday, December 17, 2008


I have this overwhelming feeling of thankfulness right now for some reason. This morning was kinda rocky, there was a two hour delay so all the big kids were here and I was yelling way to much! I hate when I do that. I just get upset because I feel like they are constantly running around making messes and not cleaning them up, and I guess my way of thinking is they are big enough to clean it up but they don't so then I get angry. I need to remember that they are just kids, and right now it is their job to have fun and play and learn. I need to remind myself to just relax. The world will not end because there are stuffed animals laying in the hallway pretending to be pumpkins waiting to be picked. And the stacks of books all laying out in my sons floor are there because his room has been transformed into a library for the time being. And the piece of paper that has been taped to his door with my tape that is now lost because he lost it is there because last week his room was Walmart. (the sign says "Come in to Walmart, its a great place to be".
Now that they are gone I realize that I need to be thankful that my children have these great imaginations! So many things could come from that! And I am thankful that we are blessed to be able to provide the with these things they are playing with. I am so thankful that I have this warm cozy house to sit in when it is freezing outside and some people have no where to go to to get warm.
When my kids walk in the door from school today I will give them a huge hug and tell them how much I love them! And since its Wednesday that means we will be having our hot chocolate date since daddy is bowling and I will explain to them that I am sorry for getting upset and once again tell them how much I love them. Have a super day and remember to be thankful!


Tereza said...

Same here:) The kids make TONS of mess. Imagine your house times three (you have 3 kids right?) so anyways while they do things when I ask them to they don't on their own and it does get super messy daily. Thanks for the reminder to be thankful and your right....they are just kids!!

Jaime said...

Your kids play a lot like mine! I constantly have a store of some sort popping up around here. And sometimes it is very hard to make them clean it up when I know they spent sooo much time setting it up. I heard a song the other day. It had the lyrics "It won't be like this for long..." or something like that. Basicly, it was about your kids growing up. Makes you want to cherish the times we've got with them now. Even when you really want to go to sleep in your own bed, but somebody is suddenly scared of the dark and NEEDS you to sleep with them...AGAIN!! : )
Congrats on the Lemonade award!

Aimee Kieffer, aka "Momzoo" said...

great reminder, as I am sitting here in the middle of another mess!

Hot Chocolate, that sounds good.

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