Monday, March 28, 2011

Sleepy Monday

I am so tired today.  My eyelids are heavy and my body feels like a rock.  We stayed up late Saturday night so I only got about 6 hrs sleep, I was tired yesterday but didn't think I'd still be paying for it today :(   Is that a sign of me getting older?  We sure did have fun Saturday night though,  We've been doing karaoke night every Saturday,, we just chill, sing, dance and have a blast.   The kids love it,,,well its not Gary's favorite thing but he tolerates it. Emma and Jess LOVE it though!

I've got a house full today here. They are loud and full of energy,, ornery too!  I'm really wishing it would warm back up again so we can go outside and run around to play.    My grandma that goes to Florida every winter should be arriving home today!  Were so excited.  I'm a  little bummed cause I probably wont be able to get out to see her until Wednesday night though.  The 3rd shift girl I watch is coming early the next two days so by the time my last kid leaves and we got over to granny's house it would be about time to turn around and come back home :(    That's one of the downsides to practically babysitting around the clock.

So anyways, today I'm trying to catch up on laundry and figure out a menu plan for the week cause I need go go grocery shopping.  Really hoping I get some energy soon!

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momto9 said...

that's a really cute pic of the two of you:)

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