Tuesday, March 22, 2011

My kitchen in pictures

Well I decided to go ahead and take some pictures of my kitchen while it is fairly clean. lol. I still havent gotten the walls washed. I'm thinking maybe that could be a project I could involve Jess and Gary in. :) 

Here is the view you get while standing in the doorway from the living room.  You can see the sink there to the right  .  Straight ahead on the wall is my wipe off marker board.  I know it doesnt look the best there but it gets so much use,, I would be lost without it.  I do think though that after we paint I might put it right inside the laundry room door instead. 
 Now if I walk straight across the room from there and stand at my bedroom door(which used to be a garage)  this is your view.

             Here you see the oven and fridge and a few cabnits.  I've got my toaster sitting there between the two and my binder that has some favorite recipies in it,, as well as a candle warmer. 
This is the view from the windows,, you saw most of this in the first pic.  From the left to right,...there is a little basket there hoding my dishrags and towels then the coffee maker, sink, rooster cutting board and the fruit basket.   The white door there you see on the left is the laundry room.

This is the cabnit above the coffee maker.  The bottom shelf is all coffee supplies so its nice and handy there.  The second shelf is some plastic storage containers(which by the way I'm trying to slowly vear away from those.  At least ones that will be reheated in the microwave.  Im trying to slowly switch to glass, which is what you see on the top shelf.
This is the cabinit above my sink.  It houses all my baking stuff.  Your probaly thinking it would be smarter to have that above the oven but there isnt really enough counter space over there to do the mixing and stuff so I normally do that  on the side by the sink.
Here is the cupboard to right of the sink.  Its got glasses and plates and bowels.  That cardboard box has some lids and straws for kids cups(its a shoe box).lol  And on the top left there is some tea and juice mixes along with some pudding mixes.  That basket on the top right is for my husbands clutter that he brings home every day.  Things like his wallet and saftey glasses, keys and some other little things.  He always throws them on the counter which I dont like so I put this basket up there for him.... He still likes to throw them on the counter, but I take them and put it in the basket. :-)
This is the cabinit above my stove.  Its got cereal and other breakfast items along with crackers, peanut butter and snack type stuff.
And this is my canned goods and the spices are up top in the storage box.  Its easy to just grab and bring down when I need a spice.  I went through it today and had to throw out a bunch of spices due to them being expired...whoops.
And here is my pots and pans beside my oven.  Above that is a drawer where my kitchen spoons and stuff like that are. 
And here is my newest addition to the kitchen,, this rustic looking wire basket where the new napkins I made sit.  I need to make more, there is more in the laundry but even with the eleven I made we run out fast with all the dirty mouths being wiped around here.  We are saving a lot of paper towels though, 

There was a few cabnits I didnt take pictures of......under the sink which is pretty boring and the silverware drawer(which looks very nice now that I rearanged and organized it).  Then there is one more drawer beside that one..the junk drawer(gasp!).  I need to go through that.  Since I only have 3 drawers in the kitchen you would think I wouldn't have a junk drawer,,,, but there is some things I just dont know what to do with.    Oh, and I forgot to take a pic of the cabnit beside the under the sink one,, that one holds some mixing bowels and a few kitchen gadgets, along with water bottles.     Thats pretty much it.  Hope you enjoyed getting a peak into where I spend a big chunk of my day. 


momto9 said...

What an ADORABLE kitchen!! Thanbks for the tour...I ENJOYED looking at the pictures and imagining you working int here or making coffee first thing in the morning:) Love the wall border paper thing too..and the table cloth.....very country!

Dawn said...

We have a junk drawer too! I call it the "important" drawer but thats just where I put stuff thats too important to throw away but I have no place for :) Johnathon hates it!

I think we learned the junk drawer habit from Mom. Yikes!

Anonymous said...

Hey watch what you say Dawn I heard that. Jill looks like youve been hard at work organizing and cleaning it looks great.


Jill said...

@ Mom ----LOL, don't worry, we love you! We picked up some good habits from you too ;-)

Anonymous said...


Jill said...

Granny--Just think, you'll be back home in like a week and have LOTS of room in your cabnits here at home. Can't wait to have you back, we miss you TONS!

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