Monday, March 7, 2011

Productive weekend

Happy Monday all!  We had a busy weekend, but a great one.  First Friday night I went to the Pierceton re-sale  contributor's sale.  I got a few cute things and didnt spend much!  Saturday the kids had a dentist appt., so we went to that.  It was Emmas first time at the dentist and she did wonderful!  I was so proud of her,, and no cavities for anyone!  I took a pic on my phone,, sorry bout the thumb i) the picture, LOL.  Then we met my mom and step dad for lunch and then went to the Home and Garden show, Hobby Lobby(so the kids could buy supplies for the dream catcher my step dad has been wanting to make with them, I also bought some cute material to make cloth napkins with).  After that we went to Sam's Club and got some: sweet pickles, 10lb. hamburger, poptarts, sourcream, nectarines, dish soap, frozen strawberries, fresh organic strawberries, angel food cake,eggs, bagel thins, and english muffins,, and a soft fuzzy blanket!   We were all pretty tired by the time we got home,, it was quiet a long day.

Then on Sunday we went over to my moms so the kids could make their dream catchers and I could have them help remind me how to set up my sewing machine thats been sitting in the closetcollecting dust for 10 years.  We got to work and cut the material,, pinned the sides for the seams, and sewed away!  I did all the sewing by myself and you will never believe who helped withthe pinning and pressing of the seams.....Bennie!  My sweet amazing husband!  He had been hanging out on the couch and decided to mozy over and see how we were doing,, mom showed him what to do and he got to work and helped until the job was done!  I did all the sewing, all by myself.   I am so proud of myself!  Now I'm thinking of what else I could do,, I would love to try and sew some aprons for myself and the girls.   The napkins are so cute sitting in the middle of my table in this old looking wire basket I got!  I will take some pictures soon and show ya'll.   I decided to do that napkins in hopes of going through less paper towels,, for frugal and enviormental reasons :)  
In between the sewing I had to take a break and go pick up my money for the items I sold at the kids sale.  I ended up making $75.50!  I was very happy with that!  I had a few things left over that I will put in the Kids Market sale this weekend and try to sell. 

Next weekend will be a busy one too,, kids market volunteering on Thursday evening,, the sale on Friday evening, Saturday us girls are going to Disney Princess' on Ice at the Colosseum, and then probably going to my dad's house Sunday sometime cause we havent been over there in a long time.   All those things will be fun though so I'm excited!    How did everyone else's weekends go?   I've noticed a few new followers to the blog,,please feel free to comment anytime and introduce yourself.  I love hearing from people!

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