Tuesday, March 8, 2011

A fun post with your help

Good morning All!  I thought I'd do a fun little post this morning.  I'm gonna tell you my most and least favorite household chore and just cause I'm nosey, I would love it if EVERYONE who reads this leave a comment and tell us you most and least favorites too.  It will make it more fun :) 

I would say my most favorite chore is doing laundry.  Mainly cause I LOVE the smell of laundry and it gives me joy pulling warm clean fresh clothes out of the dryer, or even hanging them up to dry.  Whenever I get clothes out of the washer/dryer my family always looks at me in some weird sorta way cause I just can't do it without breathing in the smell of them(well, everyone except for Emma cause she has the same habit of smelling everything).  LOL

My least favorite chore is cleaning the bathroom.  Yucky smells, sticky toothpaste on the sink, a shower that never looks clean no matter how hard I scrub.  I still do this chore, but I do not enjoy it. 

Now whats your favorites? 


Stephanie said...

Favorite would be cleaning my kitchen. Least Favorite would probably laundry. I don't mind the washer and dryer part but I dislike the folding and putting away part. That is why I am in charge of the kitchen/dishes and hubby does the laundry! :)

Jill said...

Funny how your least fav is my fav Steph, :) Maybe I need to teach Ben to clean the bathroom. LOL :)-

Anonymous said...

My favorite household chore is dusing with lemon oil. I love the way the furniture shines when your done. It's just to bad a don't do it very often. My least favorite would probable be the bathroom as well.


momto9 said...

My least favorite is laundry:) due to the fact that there is just so much of it and its very hard to stay on top. My favorite is baking bread:)

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