Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Emma, budget and my diet

We took little Miss Emma to the doctor yesterday. Her finger is all red and swollen and she had a fever over the weekend and has been super grumpy. Well it ended up it was infected and he gave her antibiotics. So hopefully that will help, we arnt sure what the fever was from, but everyone else, accept for me has been sick so she probably has what they had. Its hard when they cant just tell you what is wrong.

As far as my grocery budget is going,, I spent about 100.00 over the weekend and with a couple of trips last week. So I'm not sure if the $250.00 thing for the month is gonna work. I don't know...I feel like I failed but at the same time that is a very little amount when you consider there is 5 people in my family, plus I provide food and snacks for my childcare kids that I watch. So maybe 250 isn't really a realistic number. I've read other blogs and somehow some people make it work,, maybe I just need more practice. I am not willing to sacrifice the nutrition of my family. I think I will continue to track my totals and see what everything averages out to over the next few months.

I am also ready to step up my weight loss game a little. I've only lost 15 pounds so far and have been stuck here at this same number for weeks! I know for a fact I am eating to much and not exercising enough so I'm gonna step up my game and try to buckle down and stop being lazy about this! My little sis has inspired me, she is like the cutest thing ever and is still trying to improve herself by living a healthier lifestyle, and my cousin is having w.l.s., on Thursday, so his lifestyle will be changing dramatically! I guess its my turn too! If you haven't read my weight loss story in the past you may do so here. I wrote that back in September,, and my feelings are still the same.


Tereza said...

I don't know how some people make it work with such little money. I guess it depends on where you live too......I noticed some states are very cheap!!

Anonymous said...

I think that is very reasonable. Especially for a family of 5 plus the ones you babysit. You are doing great!

I'm the one who needs the help! lol!!

I got an exercise bike. :D When I get done my thighs are burning! I can tell it is working! :P

Keep up the exercising! :)


Dawn said...

Thanks! I'm sure that website will help you. Today I found myself thinking twice about snacking simply because I was too lazy to add it to my food log. It also helps a lot to see what food groups your diet is lacking. I'm sure you'll lose the weight. You have done it before! Just remember the things you learned from weight watchers and know that you have everyone's support. Love you!

Jaime said...

Jill, you are amazing at keeping your grocery bills down. I actually get a little ashamed of myself when I read what you spend on your groceries. I have less people in my family, yet still spend plenty more than you on food. And the sad thing is I already have meat (beef and chicken) in the freezer!! You definately inspire me to do better.

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