Monday, March 23, 2009

Menu plan and our Sunday

This weeks menu will go as follows:
beer and cheddar brats, fries, macaroni salad, cantaloupe
Weekday meals:
BBQ chicken, green beans, chips,
open faced quesidiellas, guacamole and chips
spaghetti Alfredo, garlic bread
Swiss steak, mashed taters, buttery rolls

Saturday: steak on grill, baked taters, corn and salad

Yesterday I made a huge batch of homemade waffles and they were so yummy, since it made so much we had enough to put into the freezer! The kids wanted to try them out this morning so I took them out of the freezer and popped them into the toaster,, they tasted just like yesterday, but with the ease of a Eggo! Awesome! Now we've got breakfast burritos and waffles in the freezer.

It was so nice outside yesterday we grilled out and the kids really wanted to eat outside. My first instinct was to say no,, but then thought,, its not really gonna hurt anything so we did it! They loved it and it really wasn't any harder than setting the table inside:)

I think all to often I just say no when they request things and I am really trying to work on that. I don't want to be a "no mom", I want to be a "yes" mom. Obviously some things need to be said no to, but most of the time what they are asking for isn't that much more work and its just something simple that would make them so happy. An example is the other day we brang out all the pillows and blankets and watched a movie on the living room floor together. It thrilled them! It was like a little slumber party in the living room.

Overall we had a pretty good weekend. And here's to a even better week ahead!

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