Sunday, March 15, 2009

Menu plan and brekfast burritos

This morning hubby and I put together some brekfast burritos! We used sausage, potatoes, onion, eggs, and cheese! Yummy! Total we had 20, the family ate 5 and we had 15 to put in the freezer. With Ben going back to work tomorrow morning this can be an easy option for him if he wants some brekfast to grab and go. Just get one out and pop it in the microwave! Here is how our little assembly line looked this morning.

And as far as our menu plan for the week, Here ya go!
Sunday: brekfast burritos
dinner at mom's
Weekday meals:
*roast with potatoes and carrots
* bean chili mac ( we never got around to having this last week)
*crockpot roast chicken with potatoes and corn
*spagetti and garlic bread
Saturday-pull out some breakfast burritos,,, be in Ft.wayne by 11am for Gary's dentist
*lunch in Ft. Wayne
*free for all if anyone wants dinner :)


Beth said...

Okay, now I gotta ask: how far are you from Fort Wayne? I know you've posted about shopping at Owens (I do too)..I'm about 20-25 miles from Fort Wayne.

Jill said...

Around 45 miles.

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