Monday, March 2, 2009

Catch-up day

Today is catch up day! I boycotted all laundry over the weekend, and it seems to have taken over the hallway for some reason :) So today I will be doing laundry. I already have the sweet and sour chicken prepared and put into the crock pot, so its working its magic!

Our weekend went well. Hubby and I did the biggest loser workout video Sat. night and it was tough!! Somehow he injured his heel and is limping now.... Whoops :) Then Sunday at belly dancing when we were doing our shimming my quads were on FIRE!! I thought my legs were going to fall off! I know its from working out the night before and I was already sore. Its great though! I love knowing I'm getting my body back into shape!

We still have this stupid cold. Its never ending. At any given time if you walk into my house I guarantee you will hear someone sniffing! Drives me nuts!

How is everyone else? Have a great Monday!


Anonymous said...

What is your recipe for the sweet and sour chicken? Sounds yummy!


Dawn said...

I am really excited to finally get to see you guys and the kids on Friday! Sorry to hear that you are all sick. I think mom got me sick. Did she tell you about the houses we looked at? Hopefully we will get to see some more this week. Johnathon and I are getting excited! We can tell you all about it this weekend. What time should we be there on Friday?

Jill said...

Dawn,,, email me so I can get your email address..

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