Thursday, March 12, 2009

Thursday happenings

I went to the grocery today. Spent 65.00. I got some great deals though! So that brings my monthly total to 164 spent,,,, so I've got 86.00 for the rest of the month. Hmmmm... I should be able to do it.

Emma was extra ornery today. I lay ed her down for her afternoon nap. She whined a little but then got quiet so I thought she went to sleep. Well about 30 minutes later I heard her so I went in there and just about died. Her crib is by the wall and she had pulled down the border that we just put up in her room a few weeks back!...... I was so mad. It was just cheap stuff that we got from K-mart but still!!!! I managed to stick most of it back but there is one little piece missing. And the thing is now that she knows she can get it she will probably do that every time. We will see. Oh kids.... Ya gotta love them.

Tomorrow night we have the school carnival to go to with the kids, Jess is taking a friend and Gary is having one of his friends spend the night here. This will be his first sleep over here at our house. He has slept over at others houses but this will be the first time one of his friends comes here. It should be interesting!! Wish me luck!


Dawn said...

That is so cute that Emma pulled down the border! At least you didn't find her holding her diaper and smearing her poop on the wall. (Johnathon's sister, Kalie, found her little girl doing that once.) Emma is so freakin cute!

And good luck with Gary and his little friend. I hope its not that mean one from his birthday party that kept saying he was bored.

Jill said...

Cute..... i guess thats one word for it.... although I wasnt thinking it was to cute at the time. But when I screamed in horror for Bennie to come look and her little face got all sad my heart melted and I realized it wasent all that bad.

Gary's friend thats coming wasnt at his party, but I've met him once when we went in and had lunch with gAry at school,, he seemed nice.... WE will see.

Dawn said...

She's like a little puppy that gets into stuff but is so cute that you can't get mad.

Anonymous said...

I always get that way. First horror then it's cute. That's one of my sayings....KIDS! lol!!

Good luck with the sleepover! Make lots of popcorn! :D


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