Sunday, March 1, 2009

Menu Plan week of March 1

Here is my menu plan for this week. We are trying some new recipes!!!!

Sunday: baked french toast
tacos, re fried beans

Weekday meals:
* sweat n sour chicken over rice
* chicken corn chowder
* prickly meatballs, garlic potatoes, asparagus
* pepper steak
* pizza

Saturday: eggs, bacon
eat at Smith family fundraiser


stay at home mom wannabe said...

sounds yummy! How do you fix your asparagus? DO you get it from the store or is it from the garden? I am scared to try it! LOL!

Jill said...

I buy my asparaus frozen at Aldi. Its cheaper than fresh unless it is on sale, plus when I bought it fresh once even though I washed it really good after I cooked it it tasted gritty, like there was still dirt in it, so when I buy it frozen it never tastes gritty.

When I cook it normally I drizzle with evoo, then sometimes I put a little garlic on it and roast in oven for a little while. I have also cooked on the stove top the same way.

To get to best nutriants you should steam it, but I have never tried it that way.

We like it!!! It is yummy!

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