Saturday, March 21, 2009

Saturday stuff

Well here I am. Its Saturday night and I'm just relaxing. Ben is asleep in the recliner,,(has been for about 3 hours now), its 9:30pm, which means he is probably out for the night. He has had a long first week back to work and he is exhausted!

i had to take Gary to the dentist this morning in Ft.Wayne and since Ben had to work I was freaked out about driving up there by myself ( I hate driving,, especially there! ) awesome friend Stephanie helped me out and took a little roady with me up there so I wasn't so lonely. (Thank you again by the way!). It was so nice to just talk. We don't see each other all that often, so it was hilarious cause we were like two teenage girls just jabbering on, switching back and forth from one subject to the next, then realizing we never finished what we were saying and going back to the last subject. Honestly it was exactly what I needed after my awful week, and it made me realize I really need to have a little girl talk every now and then,, the main person I talk to is my husband, which is great,,, but its not the same as talking to one of you "girlfriends". So the day I worried about all week turned out wonderful!

Once I got back home Emma took an nap then we went over to a local park,,(like 5 min away) and let the kids play and Ben and Gary threw their fishing poles out a couple of times. We didn't stay long cause Emma isn't feeling the greatest. She had fun though.

All in all it was a pretty nice day. I was able to talk out some of my frustrations and relax. And I realized just because I dont see or talk to my friends everyday,, I still have some great ones!


Tereza said...

That's awesome:) i love when I get to have some girl chat too!

Steph B. said...

Thank you and I had an awesome day as well!

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