Sunday, September 7, 2008


I canned my first salsa today!!! It turned out great!! There was a little extra left that we couldn't fit into the jars so we just ate that. Very yummy!!

And I just had to throw in this cute pic of my little Emma eating her dinner! Grandma was feeding her, she likes to feed the babies in her lap, and brag about how well she can feed them without getting them messy. I think feeding babies is one of her favorite things in life:)
We had a great weekend. Soccer went well. I survived getting the kids to where they needed to go. And Ben had a good first day of college. Today we hung out with family and made salsa and Ben shot his bow. It was just one of those days that makes you so glad to have such a great family. I am very blessed.


Anonymous said...

Did you use the recipe I gave your or a different one? It looks yummy! I love to eat salsa in the winter, isn't that strange? :)

I think grandma's just like to hold babies! :) Very cute!


Jill said...

We bought a Blue Ball book and we used the jalapeno salsa recipie that was in it, there were a couple diffrent recipies in it and this one looked good to us! It was similar to the one you gave but not exact.

Jaime said...

Way to go, Jill! I have never canned salsa. It is on my "to do" list. Yours looks very good.

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