Monday, September 1, 2008

Our weekend

Man, things have been crazy around here this weekend!!!! I am the girl that is usually always home, and I was barely home all weekend! Friday night me and hubby had a night out with my sister and her fiancee. This is the first time we have been out alone since before the birth of our 7 month old. We went to a concert, it was so fun!!! It was nice to be out, of course I worried about my baby the whole time but she did great with my mom. No problems at all.
Then Sat. morning when I went to get the kids my mom and other sister decided they wanted to go garage saleing, so that was fun! I found Emma some really cute stuff and we got this bear chair. It is soooo cute! Once we were done garage saleing we stayed at moms so my sisters husband could help my hubby sight in his new bow.
Then Sunday we went grocery shopping then back to moms so my hubby could get the boat and go fishing with my step-dad. I ended up staying over there until 9:30pm cause hubby was gone anyways. Normally we go to my moms once a week to visit but this weekend I felt like I moved back in!! Needless to say I'm glad to be back home. The weekend was great though, I'm glad to have today to rest up before everything gets back to normal craziness tomorrow:)

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Anonymous said...

Sometimes it's good to have a crazy fun filled weekend. :)


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