Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Whats you opinions on stocking up??

Sometimes I think I'm going crazy! (Isn't that a great starter sentence) No but seriously, I don't know if its because I'm home so much without adult conversation, but my mind is constantly going a hundred miles a minute! I'm always thinking about things and planning way ahead in my brain. But rarely do things ever end up happening like I plan them out. My main thoughts as of lately have been finances. I try not to worry myself about things, but constantly thinking about it and trying to find solutions in my head I guess is my way of dealing. Anyways here is my latest dilemma that I've been thinking about and I would really like feedback from anyone reading this to. You can remain anonymous if you'd like.
My usual way of thinking is to buy things when they are on sale. You know, like stock up. Even if I don't particularly need that item I know that I will use it eventually so I figure I should get it if its a good deal. But lately I've been thinking if I am short on money already maybe it wouldn't be very wise to buy things that I am not in need of at the time. My husband kind of pointed that out to me, I told him I wanted to go to CVS(because I always can get awesome deals there), and he said I thought we were short on money, to which I replied, "but I am saving money", and he said"BUT YOU HAVE TO SPEND MONEY TO SAVE MONEY". Which of course at the time I got all irate and mad at him, but now I see how he kind of makes sense. (don't tell him that).:)
So I think that maybe for the time being I should only buy what we absolutely NEED. Because there is always going to be come kind of sale somewhere, and when we need that item, if I look around I can probably find a good deal.
What do you guys think? How do you do it?


Tereza said...

I think your hubby is right!! /no sense in having great deals on rolls of toilet paper and stocking up on shampoo and the not having enough money for making decent meals:)

Anonymous said...

If you have extra at the end of the month and you see a good deal then I would get the TP or canned corn.

I'm not for the CVS savings. Go to the grocery and get your savings in food. I mentioned TP. TP is important too. :)

Yes I think you should stock up. Finances & winter are my two main reasons for doing it. Now don't do it all at once. When you are shopping and you normally get two boxes of mac-n-cheese, get four. Next time choose another item. Put these items in your cabinet but in the back. You must rotate them in.

Here is a motto...Eat what you store.

Have I helped you any?


Brooke said...

Stocking up is smart - if you have the extra money for it. If a store has something on sale - chances are it will go back on sale in the next month or so (excluding things like manager's specials on meat, dairy, and bread near the expiration date).

That sale isn't worth it, if it keeps you from spending money on things you truly need

Sherry said...

Stocking up is fine if you have the money, but also use up what you have and don't try to make extra trips to the store. I have been amazed by what one can come up with. :D

Anonymous said...

I'm kind of confused with the last comment. use up what you have If you use it all up what are you left with?

This isn't a smart thing to do in the middle of an ice storm. Maybe you live where it's always nice and sunny. Good. I wish I did. :D It doesn't take a lot of money to "stock up". Every payday take $5 and buy as many cans of soup that you can. Next payday let that $5 go to packages of ramen noodles. Next peanut butter. etc. etc.

I know there are people out there who saw that God will provide for me. Yes, he will provide for you. He also provided you with the knowledge to provide for yourself.

I know this is long Jill but I feel this is important. Sorry.

The ant and the grasshopper. All summer long you can see the ants gather food. In reality it's your next door neighbor. You are the grasshopper. During that ice storm you didn't store anything and you've used up everything. You can see your neighbor, the ant, eating soup. You have to turn toward your neighbor for provisions.


Jill said...

Now worries Shannon. I am loving all the diffrent opinions and advice!!

Mom2fur said...

I have a good stockpile regarding food, household items and personal items. What I find I need to do every once in a while is take inventory. If I don't, I end up with 10 bottles of shampoo, but no handsoap, 3 jars of mayo and not a drop of ketchup or enough furniture polish to brighten up town hall but only enough bleach cleaner to sanitize one kitchen counter.
Keeping an inventory is important!
There is a cycle to the way things go on sale. If you see something on sale and wonder if you should buy it, ask yourself two things: 1)if I don't, will I run out of this item in the next 6 weeks or so? 2)Even if I have a few of these at home, does the combination of a coupon with a sale get me the item for less than half price?
If you can get a $4 bottle of body wash for a buck fifty, I'd say go for it--unless you have 6 bottles at home already, LOL!
This is not to say that you should stock up on bodywash and leave yourself no money for fruit. Even if you pass it up, remember what I said: everything goes on sale again and again!
I think the commentator who said, 'use what you store' means to go to your pantry and see what you have in stock that can be used for meals instead of spending money on something new. Of course, you want to replenish your pantry as necessary!
One more thing, then I'll stop with my long comment: two great sites for "using up and making do" are allrecipes.com and supercook.com. Both have recipe search engines where you can plug in ingredients you have on hand. Supercook is especially great because the more ingredients you put in, the more recipes 'pop up' that say: "you have all the ingredients you need to make this recipe."
Oh, and one other thing: it takes a few months to build a good stockpile of any kind. This doesn't happen overnight. So hang in there!

Anonymous said...

I am also struggling with the same problem. I see a reason to stock up on things when they are on sale but my husband likes to be more realistic than me and the actual money we have. I have started planning a menu then making a list then shopping. At the end of my shopping list I write down the deals that I would like to get but don't necessarily "need right now" and if I have money left in my grocery budget I can buy as many good deals as I can find. This has helped me because I still get to stock up, he doesn't question my good deals so we are all happy. It also keeps me from buying lots of good deals but nothing to eat for dinner.

Anonymous said...

Since you like advice.....

"Eat what you store and store what you eat"

Meaning don't buy 10 cans of tomato paste on sale if your family doesn't use tomato paste. Just because you think you "might" use it in chili. It won't save you money if it goes to waste sitting on a shelf.

Mom2fur had some excellent advice...inventory. You must also keep up with your inventory. I did an inventory on my deep freezer and I didn't keep up with it. UGH!!

Are you taking notes? :D

Lots of hugs!

Jill said...

Just wanted to say thanks to everyone that chimed in with thier opinions.

Anonymous said...

We call spending money to save money "spaving"!! Not always a good idea! I think it's important to remember to think about whether what you are buying is something you need or just want.

Anonymous said...

When money is very tight it works better to buy needs first and stock up items with what is left. Some people budget a specific dollar amount for stock ups each week and the rest of the food budget is for what you need that week.

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