Wednesday, August 20, 2008


Yesterday my sister called and wanted me to watch her baby for a little bit while she took her hubby to the doctor. Here they are playing in the exersaucer and walker. It went pretty well. Until it was time to eat and they both wanted food at the same time. It got a little stressful then but I think when she starts coming more on a regular basis hopefully we can work out a schedule. They are so close in age, hopefully they will be great friends!

Today is one of the little girls birthday that I babysit for so her and I made cupcakes. When the older ones get home from school we will sing happy birthday and have cupcakes, and I will let her open her present then. I got her a Dora the explorer play dough set.. She's 3 and very much into "Dora". She is gonna love it I'm sure.

Since the older kids are in school now, in the afternoon the little ones take a nap so I actually get some quiet time. Its nice! It gives me some time on the computer and also time to get exta work done that is hard to complete with them awake.. Have a great day!

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Anonymous said...

Cute babies! You're a sweet babysitter! :) Cupcakes...Yum!


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