Saturday, August 16, 2008

Good old back yard fun..

Our Saturday was pretty uneventful around here due to everyone not feeling real great. Ben had a golf tournament, so that took up most of the day for him. The kids and I just hung around the house. It was a beautiful day so we played outside. Jess rediscovered the sandbox this weekend. She hasn't played in it in ages but decided to practice cooking with the sand. She made up all kinds of make believe things to eat. Emma just loves her swing. Sometimes when shes grumpy all we have to do is take her outside and then she calms down and is happy again.
And here is big brother swinging along side her.
Also i thought I would introduce the other member of the family, Shelby, our Boston terrier. We have had her for about 4 years. She really is a good dog, the only problem with her is she likes to lick, and gets extremely excited when company comes so I usually end up having to put her up when we have visitors.
All in all it was a good day. Also just to let everyone know, the kids had a great day at school on Friday. They both liked their teachers and the people in thier classes. Believe it or not though they both had homework. I thought that was a little crazy for the first day of school and also a Friday. Oh well, they didn't mind. I am blessed with kids right now who love school. Lets hope they stay that way for a long time:)


Tereza said...

My kids are the samw way. Outside usually = happiness.
That's great they liked scool and the homework thing is just...well...cruel!!

Jaime said...

Glad to hear the first day of school went well! Your dog is cute.

Anonymous said...

My littlest one loves her swing too!

One of my mom's church fiends went to their orientation and the teacher gave them homework before school started!! I couldn't believe it!!

Your dog is cute! :)


Kathleen said...

Loved the pic of Shelby - we've got 2 Bostons and absolutely adore them. Our kids don't start back until the 25th. I hope they don't get homework the 1st day. Well, I guess they get them used to it right way, huh?

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