Friday, August 8, 2008

$Broke$ But stocked up

Well after paying for the kids school tuition the other day and buying school supplies I sat and made out our monthly budget. It was a pretty sad looking situation:( But I am being optimistic because I can pay all of the bills that need to be payed, and that's whats important. After bills there wasn't much left over but after some good planning I have it figured out. I have to live on a $50.00 grocery budget for the next two weeks and that includes baby's formula and diapers and baby food. So the most important thing is that Emma has what she needs, so I went to Walmart last night and got her enough formula to last. I also got her some baby food but I will still have to get more of that. I got just a couple of things for us. Anyways I spent $30.00. So I have $20.00 left to last two weeks. I am not going to let this get me down. I can make it work! It will be a fun challenge. So this morning I sat and made a menu for the next two weeks(until next payday). I chose things that I already have on hand. See that's the thing, we arn' t rolling in the dough right now, but we have full cabinets, and meat in our freezer, so I"m not to worried. I can be creative when it comes to our food. No one will be going hungry. I am not going to stress over this, but my husband on the other hand will and does. I don't know why, because I am the one that handles the money and he still gets the same amount of money for the week (which is a whole entire weeks worth of pay from one of my babysitting kids, and I only have one right now so I'm more or less working so that he has money to blow!!!). Wooo, sorry didn't mean for that to come out....Anyways we are gonna be just fine. And one of the reasons is because of my lovely smarts when it comes to deals. In times like this I am sooooo glad that I stock up on things when they are on sale!!!! For example...We will defiantly have clean clothes because I have 4 1\2 containers of laundry det., 2 1\2 things of fabric softener, and 1 1\2 boxes of dryer sheets!!!

We will also have clean bodys and teeth(thanks to cvs)!!! All these were practically free!!!!
And we can wipe our bums and faces!( Also thanks to cvs)

Emma can also have a clean and dry tooshie! Actually these probably wont last 2 weeks.

So we are gonna be just fine. some may wonder why in the world I want to put this out there for everyone to know my business. I don't know, maybe this will help someone else. Maybe make them realize that even in tough times you can work it out.
So as of right now I have a positive attitude, if at any time you start to hear me complain or something like that feel free to remind me that it will all be okay. Just keep smiling!:)


Anonymous said...

It's good to be stocked up! I have a CVS card, someone is going to have to teach me how to do this. :D

Jaime said...

CVS is GREAT!! Jill, you are doing wonderful! You have a super attitude. Instead of fretting over money, you are looking at it as an exciting challenge. Keep up the good work. Jessie and Emma will learn so much from your frugality. Some day they will be able to run a home smoothly too! After all, isn't that what we are doing? Teaching our children (in this case our girls) how to grow up to take care of their own families. Something as simple as keeping cool when things are tough can impact your grandchilden as much as your children. They see the way you react and will mimic that as adults. Okay, now I'm climbing off my soapbox!

sarent said...

Hi Jill,

Good stock but...
I see a lot of industrial products.
Have you thought about making your own laundry gel, no poo, fabric towels instead of papertowels, fabric diapers instead of disposables. There's lot of unusual and cheaper ways to stock up on essentials.

Have fun discovering these new ways.
Best regards,

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