Sunday, August 3, 2008

Menu Aug 4

I am proud to say that this menu planning is sooo working! Didn't go out to eat not even once last week and probably not for the next month due to the extremely ridiculous cost of back to school everything! So here is the plan for this week, next weekend is very busy so we wont be eating at home very often but don't worry I wont be paying for going out to eat. Oh by the way, I'm going to try to start listing breakfast and lunch also:
Monday-B-yogurt, zucchini muffins ... L-leftover lasagna....D-hamburger zucchini over rice
Tuesday-B-yogurt, granola...L-homemade mac n cheese...D-taco soup
Wednesday-B-pancakes....L-leftovers....D-BBQ chicken pizza
Thursday-B-cereal...L-leftover pizza..D-stir fry w\ rice
Friday-B-smoothies...L-spaghetti o's...D-chicken paprika's

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