Sunday, June 14, 2009

Weekend overview

Wow, whata weekend! It went way to fast. Saturday was soccer games then in the evening I had my little sisters bachelorette party. I was a little nervous about going but it turned out really fun! She has some pictures up of it over on her blog. I didn't go out the the bar with them but I went to dinner and her apt. for a couple drinks and games. Brandy and I won the carve the male anatomy out of a cucumber game! Who knew we were such artist. :) lol

So today I was a pretty tired girl and Emma woke up early. She hasn't been feeling well this weekend, I'm not sure whats wrong with her, she just isn't herself. We went to my moms for lunch and for me to cut my step-dads hair. Then to Walmart to get the boys something to wear to the wedding next weekend. Wal-mart is not good for me when I'm trying to have no spend days. Unfortunately this weekend defiantly wasn't a no spend weekend. I don't have any excuses accept for it is really hard no to spend any money!!!

I'm pretty sleepy and hope to sleep well tonight. I gotta get up early in the morning for Mira to come. Here is hoping for a fantastic week ahead.

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Anonymous said...

I went over to her blog...Looks like a wild time was had! lol!!

Walmart is my weakness. :( I wish we had more stores. It's the only one in town where you can get anything that won't cost you and arm and a leg!

I thought the weekend went by fast too! Let's hope this week flies by fast too. :)


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