Thursday, June 18, 2009

Random Randomness

Just thought I should pop in and write a little. Ive been busy lately with lots of things. Soccer has finally come to an end. Gary got a trophy ( first place team! ),, and Jess got a medal! Gary is so proud, it is his first trophy ever.
My youngest sister's wedding is this Saturday. Jess and Gary are kinda in it, they're in charge of the guest book and handing out programs. So we have family coming in. My step uncle is up from North Carolina and he has a daughter around Jess' age so they play together really well! She is coming over here later today and gonna hang out until Friday night after the rehearsal dinner. Then Saturday the wedding is at 6 :30. I've been working hard on a special present for them. I really hope they like it!
Also I'm gonna try to squeeze in a tiny garage sale with my neighbor Saturday morning. I'm not doing very well finding things for it though,,, I'm gonna work today on that. I don't think I have a lot to contribute but if we can make a little extra cash that would be awesome!!
Speaking of cash......,. I am totally bombing this no spend challenge :( I shouldn't have started it until after the wedding. We all needed to buy something to wear to the wedding, then the kids needed shoes to wear.... so needless to say cash has been disappearing around here like crazy. I've had to take money out of savings to cover it all and no extra has been going in yet...:(

After Saturday thought its crunch time!! We don't have a choice because we are going to try to get our house in our name,( its in my parents name now), and the time has come to get try and get our very own first home loan!! We pay for the house payment and all the expenses that come with home ownership right now,, its just all in their name, so we arnt getting credit for it.
So we might end up needing some sort of down payment and we need to have the money in the bank for that..... Whew...........Scary stuff!

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