Tuesday, June 2, 2009

My own no spend challenge

I've been doing a little research on other blogs, and debating on whether or not to attempt this or even tell everyone about it. But alas.... I have decided to publish to the world my life yet again! :) And I have kind of made my own set of rules for it.

In a desperate attempt to first rebuild my saving to where it is suppose to be, I need to put $225.00 in there for at least the next 6 months...ugh,,, I didntrealize it was that many. Okay, well if any extra money comes up, it will join in the saving account, so hopefully this will go a little faster!! That is really the only extra we have to put in there after bills. This is all coming from Ben's paycheck. We will use my very little babysitting money to live on. Unfortunately since one of my day care kids parents lost her job I am down to only 2.... Bennie get all of the ones pay coming in for his weekly expenses. That leaves me with the other one to work with. She is not here full time, and it varies on the days. On average, due to not being full time, I only get around 45 dollars from her. So I am really gonna gave to stretch that for groceries and such.

Lord willing there wont be any crazy unexpected things come up and I will be able to make this work. I have decided that my kids have a sufficient amount of summer clothes to get them through, and Ben and I can survive on what we have. I do have to buy a dress for my sisters wedding. I am going this Friday to find one,, I have the money already set out in my account now, so this wont count.

This seems very drastic but its my own fault for not being more tight with our money these last couple of month. So I will try to have as many no spend days as possible and the money I do spend will come out of the babysitting income.... The goal is for nothing to leave the bank unless it is going for a bill. I will report on here when and what I spend to help keep me accountable. I am slowly learning that things will work out. It might not happen the way we think it will, but to just be patient and try my hardest and God will led the way and not let me drown. challenge


Steph B. said...

Wow, i think it is awesome! I am very curious to see how it goes! I am kinda doing the same thing with the wedding, baby, etc... coming up. It is always nice to hear how other families make it work and stretch and is fun to get new ideas! Good luck and I am praying for you!

Jill said...

Steph,, you should update and post about it on your blog too!

Anonymous said...

Great challenge!

I need to go to the store ONE more time then I'll do it too. lol!!


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