Friday, June 5, 2009

NO spend again!

Yay for me! I held strong and waited it out. I made my own BBQ sauce for the pizza last night and it was quite yummy! Didn't spend any money.

Shannon, as for your question about his/her money,,, no not really like that. What it is, is he doesn't carry a debit card or anything with him so every week I give him money for the week to use as he pleases. Its really for gas/drinks, snacks at work/ his golf league. He used to get $80, but now its $60, cause he is quitting smoking and I take the extra 20 and put it in a fund for his "reward" for quitting ( his mussel loader). That way just works best for us. Before I used to do that he was using a ridiculous amount of money each week,, this way it keeps him in check cause he can look and see what he has left.

Today is pay day for me, so I should get my cash. And my goal is to figure out how to stretch it to get the things we need.

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Anonymous said...

Oh, sorry I was so confused. :) Congrats! You are doing great!

So, what did you do for the BBQ sauce?


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