Sunday, February 22, 2009

Menu for the week and this weeks grochrey trip

This week I only spent $30.00 at the stores and have my meals for the week. I planned my menu around what I already had and am just got the things I didn't have to go with it. Here is my menu

Sunday: blueberry muffins, fried egg
split pea soup

Weekday meals:
*corn dogs, cheesy mac, corn
*ham and cheesy potatoes
*garlic Parmesan noodles, garlic bread
*grilled cheese, leftover soup
*pizza pasta

Saturday: pancakes
chili, cornbread

Here is the breakdown of my shopping trip,, before I went I checked Owens to see what kind of sales they had so I could see if I could get a better deal there than at Aldis,, also I have been buying there store brand of diapers ( they work good), and this week I had a $3 off coupon for their diapers which are only 6.99 anyways! So I needed ham for the split pea soup,, already had the peas and needed ham for the cheesy potatoes,, already had potatoes and Owens had ham on sale for 99cents a pound!! there eggs were on sale also,,, everything else I could get cheaper at Aldi.

Owens (same thing as Kroger)
cooked ham-4.67
lrg eggs-.99
comfort diapers3.99

total 9.93

garlic cheese toast-1.64
shredded co-jack cheese-2.49
shredded mozzarella-3.29
light sour cream-.99
cottage cheese-2.29
skim milk-2.49
vit D mild-2.69
paper bag .06
whole grain white bread-1.29

I highly suggest if you have an Aldi nearby to shop there,,,, the basic supplies you need are almost always cheaper there, and then shop the sale fliers and use coupons for everything else.

One of the hardest things for me is that we are out of meat right now in our freezer so until we get to buy that half of beef later in the year I am just gonna have to plan some vegetarian meals, which hubby hates by the way, and plan my meals around the meat thats on sale that week.


Anonymous said...

Nice post!

Just make sure you eat enough protein since you will be eating less meat.


Beth said...

Hi, came to your blog via Tereza. I was reading this post and thought "wow, she has an Owen's too"..then I looked and saw your in too! ☺

Jill said...

Thats cool! Its always neat to see someone thats in the same state as you!:) Thanks for stopping by!

Latte said...

my husband is a big carnivore but to help with my grocery budget I have learned that if I cut the meat part of the recipe in half my husband never notices. like the other day I made toasted turkey subs but I only had about 1/2 lb turkey so the subs only had a super thin layer of turkey, but because they were on a giant roll my husband was stuffed after two! I do this with a lot of recipes that call for the meat to be mixed in something, like spaghetti, casseroles, etc.

That would make your 1/2 beef go a lot further.


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