Friday, February 13, 2009

Frugal friday

Well I thought in these tough times I would write a post today on some of my best money saving ideas... I by no means am an expert but I'm always trying to stretch our paychecks so here goes.....

1. Eat at home and cook from scratch whenever possible!! this is so true, I can usually buy a weeks worth of groceries for about the same price that we would pay to all go out to a nice restaurant. Even if you don't want to cook from scratch and you buy the convenience foods it still is cheaper to cook them at home!! (I am defiantly not saying we never go out to eat,,, we do,,,, but when money is tight it pays to stay home)

2. Stay out of the stores as much as possible. For me I cant seem to go into anywhere and only get what I need or is on my list,,,,, I always see something that is a good deal or think well maybe I need that too. One of my new goals starting today is to try my best to only go to the store once a week,,, I really want to do once every two weeks and just send my husband for the things that we need that second week like milk and fresh produce,, but I need to get up the will power for that one. I know he wont buy extras.

3. Don't be ashamed to shop in second hand stores or scratch and dent stores. I just recently started going to a scratch and dent grocery and am in love with it.... Of course I cant get everything there but there is nothing wrong with the food just because the can has a teeny dent in it or the box of fruit roll ups is torn just a little. Stuff is marked way down!! I would never give family something that I think has been tampered with.

And try to never pay full price for your kids clothes,,, garage sales and Goodwill and clearance racks are your best friend when it comes to clothes!!! Babies and even older kids grow out of things so fast,, there really is no reason to pay full price for things, unless it is something that they need right then and cant wait til you find a sale..

4. Learn to live with less. Do we really need all the stuff we have? NO freakin way!!! I am really trying learn to live by this one,,,, If we could just learn that "things" do not give us happiness we all would be better off,, plus it really cuts out the clutter and just makes life better!

5. When money is tight, don't buy things just because its a good deal. Buy only what you need! Stick to your budget because if you buy the chicken you wernt planning on getting,, you wont have enough money for the light bill!! :)

These are just a few tips that I have learned lately,,,, I am trying to live by them.. It is a struggle every single day!!! Its really hard for me especially numbers 4 and 5. Times arnt looking any better financially in our future so I need to buckle down and stick with these rules! What about you?

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Anonymous said...

I can help you with #2. I've shopped this way forever! My parents shopped this way when I was growing up.

I also have a problem with #2. When I'm in the store I tend to buy things that are not on my list. Shame on me!

#4 Is a really hard one!

These are really good tips!

Alex Hall said...

I think #5 is the hardest for me! I keep trying to remind myself what Crystal Paine, at says, "if it's not in the budget, it's not a good deal!"

Thanks for the great tips.

Tereza said...

I agree with the one about not buying something just cause it's a deal!! All the frugal websites talk about stocking up when things are cheap. I tried that and my fod bill went through the roof. Now I buy what I need when I need it and only the amount needed. Way simpler and cheeper too.

Anonymous said...

I need to chime in about this. :P

If you are not in a financial crisis then stocking up on a good deal is a good thing. Because when something unexpected happens for example job loss, weather.... Then your pantry will help you.

When we had our ice storm my in-laws called and wanted to know if there was anything I needed and I told them no. They said you are well stocked aren't you? Yes I am! :D

But if you are in a financial crisis skip the deals!


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