Friday, February 20, 2009

Happy Friday

Happy Friday to everyone out there in blog land! :)

I've got good news and bad.......I survived the first phase of my root canal! It wasn't much fun but 1 hour and 45 minutes later I made it! I will still need to go back 2 more times for the whole procedure to be finished.

The bad news....... its bad, real bad... I debated on even posting about it, but then figured what the heck,,,,
When my husband came home from work today he informed me that he has been lay ed off.
Obviously not good news. Times are tough and with the will of God, hopefully we will get through this. They said he should be able to return to work after 8 weeks. So here is the plan,,,,, buy absolutely NOTHING that is not a necessity!!! Try to pay all bills and still have money for diapers and food! Don't let anyone get sick because we have no insurance for the next two months! Be able to get along with my husband with him being around 24 seven!!

Its gonna be an interesting ride,,,, don't ya think?


Anonymous said...

Man that stinks!

Look at the positive side. :) Now is the perfect time to put him to work! It will also get him mind off of things. The "honey do" list. :D


Jaime said...

Glad your root canal went okay. I've had one before, and while it is not all fun and games, I didn't think it was as painful as everyone makes it out to be. It was annoying and uncomfortable but not really painful.
Sorry about hubby's layoff. I heard they were cutting back where he works. I'll be praying for elasticity in your budget and patience for both of you until he is back to work.

Jill said...

I agree with you Jaime about the root canal. I was so scared because I had heard so many bad things about them.....but it ended up not being that painful... just uncomfortable like you said....

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