Thursday, February 19, 2009

Lions and tigers and.....SOCKS!!!!! OH MY!!!!!!

Today my focus is laundry, but most of all SOCKS! My poor kids, all week they have had to hunt to find their socks in the morning. I've been doing laundry everyday but have lacked a little this week on getting everything put away, and have really lacked on matchin up the socks.

The sock monster has hit our house!!!!! For anyone that doesn't know what the "sock monster" is,,,,,,,,,,,,, when I lived at home there was always a basket full of unmatched socks in mom's room and we would dig through it to find our socks when there wasn't any in our drawers,,, which seemed quite often:) I'm not saying anything bad about her,, she worked full time, took care of 3 kids,,, she was a busy women,, plus she had 3 capable daughters that probably should have been matching those socks for her but anyways,, everyonce in a while on the weekends or whatever she would dump out the basket in the living room and we would have to help match them up,,,,, it's amazing how many matches we would find.... Sock freedom!!!! it was great!!! Our drawers would be overflowing with socks,,,, until the sock monster hit again.. AAAHHHHH!!!

Okay,, anyways, in my laundry room there is a basket that has been slowly filling up with socks! So, I'm gonna nip this in the bud today. HHOOORRayyyyy! Get everything put away and match all socks! Plus do everything else that I do everyday... And today is the day of my root canal. I am scared, and not looking forward to it:( Wish me luck


Anonymous said...

Oh, no I'm your mother! lol!!!

Sometimes when I'm rushed doing laundry I just pitch the socks in a basket. Oh dear this then turns into a bigger job! I hate matching up socks!

Why don't we just match them when we have them? This has always puzzled me.

I hope your appointment goes well! I'll be thinking of you. :)


Steph said...

Hey Jill!
We have a huge sock monster around here! I just told the kids yesterday that I am going to be better about the whole sock thing. How weird.... I will pray that your appointment goes well. I've never had to have a root canal before so I really don't know what it's like.

Tereza said...

I had a root canal done last week!! ICK!
I despise the sock monster because it lives in my house permenantly!

Jill said...

Tereza, you have to tell me about the root canal!! How awful was it? Ive never had one before

true blessings said...

Hi Jill! I linked over from my xanga page, i was wondering if you were able to read my blog, I think I'm having trouble with it. Thanks

Jill said...

Yes I was able to read it! :)

Dawn said...

I remember the sock monster...Although I didn't use it often...I would just go check out you and Brandy's socks before I would try to match my own...haha

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