Monday, May 11, 2009

The zoo

We went to the zoo on Mothers Day! It was fun,, my mom, step-dad, sister and her fiance, and his mom, plus the 5 of us all went! In this pic is my sister and niece, then Gary, Emma and Jess. We soon realized that Emma is very scared of a lot of things. You will see that in these pictures. She did have fun believe it or not, but she liked to stay close to me and just wasn't to sure about a lot of things. Here she is riding the pony
In the tree house,, she actually enjoyed that one.

IN the kangaroo pouch :)

And on the pretend lizard. lol,,,, I'm not sure what the problem was,,,

I promise we arnt mean to her!! :) Maybe next year she will enjoy it more. :)


Steph B. said...

LOL! The pics are too cute. I can't wait to go to the zoo! I love to see Corbyn every year cause it changes as far as his reactions and what he is into...

Jaime said...

Those pictures are too cute! Emma was probably thinking, "what are these people doing? Are they trying to feed me to this lizard?" : ) You will be so happy you took those pics, someday.
All the kids are getting so big.

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