Saturday, May 9, 2009

Even though it was Jessie's slumber party, Emma just had to join in on the fun too! She followed those girls around everywhere and luckily they didn't seem to mind. I think the friends liked having her around. Here is Jess and Emma in her new bean bag chair! And they gave Emma her first slumber party makeover.
I really cant believe she let them do this and then she left it in for a long time.

But this one is by far the best. Jess got some new "undergarments" for her birthday and I think she was a little embarrassed, so to take the attention off of her, she put it on Emma.

Whew Whew,,,,, look at that girl! lol..............Gotta love them:)

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Anonymous said...

Those were such funny pictures! I loved them! lol!


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