Sunday, May 31, 2009

Menu plan for the week of May 31

Sunday--oatmeal for breakfast, leftovers for lunch, and poor mans meal for dinner

Weekday meals:
-pork roast, garlic potatoes, salad
-broccoli chicken casserole
-crock pot roasted chicken, potatoes, corn,
-BBQ chicken pizza
-chicken sandwich, french fries, fruit

Saturday:? Something on the grill probably

The kids last day of school is Tuesday! That means we will be going through more food around here. :) I'm gonna have to be creative and make more homemade goodies again. And hopefully granny's garden will do well this year, and we can have some fresh veggies to eat!

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Anonymous said...

Your menus always look so yummy! :)

No wonder my grocery bill is so much higher than yours! I have to fix lunch for 5 every day! Starting on Thursday it'll be 6!

I've been working on my menu trying to cut back even more. Not good!


Jill said...

Thanks Shannon! Yes,, I too am trying to cut back on the grocery bill,, its a never ending cycle isnt it? :) Right now, mine is totally outta necessity though,, which makes it easier for me actually, cause if its not there then I cant spend it! :)

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