Friday, May 22, 2009


We've had a pretty neat view from our window this spring so far. We watched these birds build a nest in our feeder, then we noticed the one sitting in it, then there was the eggs, and now baby birdies! We have watched them grow,here is the mama sitting on them(that can't be very comfy) Here you can see one poking his head out

Up close. I tell the kids not to get to close and to never touch them. Its been such a good learning experience for all of us! Its neat to watch her feed them, and the kids cant wait to see them learn to fly! Everyone have a great holiday weekend, and I'll be back with pics and hopefully some good stories to tell!


Tereza said...

how cool is that!?

Anonymous said...


The shed where we have our chickens a mama bird always has her babies. If you go inside you can hear them chirping away. I love baby birds!


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