Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Green fuzzy pillow

What a morning!! I rarely leave the house when I have babysitting kids, but Jessie's birthday is Sunday, and we are having her party this Friday!! That's when we are giving her the presents.,,, and guess what..... I didn't have any yet! Tonight Ben will be gone all evening, and tomorrow is soccer, so off to the store we went. Emma was grouchy and the other one I had with me did pretty well. I had specific things that I wanted to get and guess what,,, the main one she really really wants wasn't there:( I got some things from her list but she really wants a green fuzzy pillow and they didn't have any,, we got her bed set from Walmart and this matches it. They don't have the bed set anymore either, so I don't know if they will get more in,,, they had a purple one,, just not the neon green one that she longs for. So after like an hour in Walmart I knew I couldn't go home without the pillow so I went across town to Kmart and they had no such pillow either:( I NEED THAT PILLOW!! I don't want her to be sad :(

When we got home the child care kid that I took with us musta been worn out cause after lunch she just wasn't happy, and cried about everything imaginable!! So guess what,,,, nap time it was :)_ So now my house is quiet,,,,, a lovely sound! I need to go through the stuff I got and figure out what I'm gonna do about that darn pillow. Any family member(or anyone for that matter) that might read this if you are in Col. City area and stop into Walmart, look for a neon green fuzzy pillow and if they have it GRAB IT!!! I'll pay ya back.


Dawn said...

I can stop at the one on Coldwater Rd in Fort Wayne. :)

Jill said...

That would awsome Dawn!! Its a round green fuzzy one,, I found them online, but they wont have it here before Friday night.....worse case she will just get it late,, let me know if you find it,,

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