Sunday, September 27, 2009

Zoo trip

We went to the zoo on Saturday for Ben's company picnic. Accept for the fact of me still being sick, it was a great time. Emma was like a totally different child compared to our trip there in May. She was scared of everything then, and this time she really enjoyed herself!! Here she is brushing the goats. She enjoyed them until one tried to eat her shirt. :) Here she is in the Little Poof train. She loved that, she didn't want to leave, she got right in there with the other kids that she didn't know and had a great time!

In the kangaroo pouch

This was really cool. The sea lions came right up and said hello to the kids.

Jammin on the drums

It was a great day! Hopefully within the next couple weeks we can make it up to the apple orchard that we went to last year and pick some apples to make applesauce!

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JAmb said...

I'm so glad Emma enjoyed the zoo this time. You all should ck into getting a membership next year. It has really paid off for us this year to go that route. Just think what our girls will be into next year....time is going too fast!

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