Thursday, September 17, 2009

Thursday rambles

oh man! I am getting so tired of feeling so blah. I just need to get rid of this cold!! I'm trying to keep up with everything but its hard. Ben told me last night that he hopes I feel better cause we've been having to much frozen pizza. Just for the record, we've only had it twice in 2 weeks...Which I don't think is a big deal, but hes not used to that, I'm usually really good about cooking homemade meals. I've just felt so crappy lately that I don't have the energy,, I haven't even been that hungry. Speaking of hungry, Emma is eating me out of house and home! She is always hungry. I've been having a hard time coming up with a variety of nutritious snack for her, she gets tired of having the same thing all the time.

Our beef goes in tonight! So we should have it back within 2 weeks or so. I'm superbly excited about that! Hopefully the grocery bill will go down. I have come to realize that my idea of a grocery budget is so nuts its ridiculous. I tried to spend only 250 dollars this month and that includes diapers and all cleaning items and such,, the 250 is already gone!!! I need to just realize that we are a family of 5 and its gonna cost a little more to keep food on the table.

I did get some good news today, one of my childcare kids will be coming back with us, but on 3rd shift, so she will more or less just sleep here. It will def. be different but at least I'll have a little more cash for our weekly needs :)


Mom said...

Hope you are felling better.


Brandy said...

ok I finally started a blog at

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