Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Sick, chores, and kids market

I thought I had hid from the cold bug that everyone had around me, but I woke this morning with a scratchy throat and a heavy chest :( I feel drained.

Yesterday I made a new chore chart out. I listed out things that I thought the kids could help with and they have the option of choosing what they want to do. Each thing earns them 10cents but it will add up to much more if they chose to do things. Some things can be done daily, 2x a week, and some once a week. All chores have to be checked by me and if they arnt done right it doesn't get counted, my hope is that will help with having them not rush through and do things half way just to earn the money. They also have things that they are responsible for every day that they don't get paid for, like making their bed, doing homework, feeding dog. if they don't do these things then they lose 10cents. I'm hoping it works, I really need help around here and Gary especially needs to learn some self discipline and responsibility.

I am getting really excited about the upcoming kids market sale. I even had a crazy dream about it the other night. i showed up for the first volunteer sale and there was hardly anything there! Just a bunch of junky trash. The few things that I did find people had already taken the sale tags off. I was so sad and went and complained and cried to the sales people. I woke up so upset. lol Hopefully that's not how it will really work out.!

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