Thursday, September 3, 2009

August Goals (UPDATED)

So here it is September 3rd, so I thought I would weigh-in on my August goals....

I am going to start setting monthly goals for myself. I've noticed I get much more accomplished when I have a list and plan of action for myself. Otherwise I tend to get quite sidetracked.

August Goals:

1. Read Dave Ramsey's "Total Money Makeover" book. Done

2. Set up a plan of action on the first baby step for that book..1,000 emergency fund. Kinda done, but decided we need to concentrate on getting money for Bens vehicle that he desperately needs. So we made a plan for that. I have a budget set up for this Sept. and hes been working overtime so all excess goes into his car fund. As soon as he gets his vehicle then we will get the emergency fund set up....Lets just hope no emergency's arrive before then. :)

3. Workout at least 2x a week. Sad to say I didn't make this goal :( I can only go to the Y when Jess is here cause Emma wont stay in the babysitting room by herself, and Jess was gone the one week, then Ben has been taking my car A LOT, so I've been stuck at home... no excuses though...I'm gonna really work harder on this this month.

4. Start packing Bennie's lunch for him again. Doing better on this one but cant say it was 100% of the time.

Man, looking at this it doesn't seem I did to well. I felt like I accomplished a lot but this doesn't look good. Well, Its a new month so I'll be on here later and post my new goals.

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Anonymous said...

Great goals!


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