Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Poopy in the potty!!!

Even though I didn't want to I gave in and had Ben light the pilot light on the furnace last night,,, I don't want my babies to get to cold. I set it at 67 so I wouldn't kick on unless it got really cold in here,,, this morning when I woke it was right on the mark, so I think it kicked on. Its been cold here lately,, I'm not ready for the winter months just yet!! The one good think though is the kids get to wear different clothes! I get to see Emma in all her new things we got at Kid's Market, shes so cute! She looks like such a big girl in her cute little flare jeans and long sleeved shirts! Time is going way to fast. yesterday she was hiding behind the chair and I asked her what she was doing,,, then she said poop...potty, so I grabbed the potty chair and she actually went poop in it!! yay! She's been wanting to sit on the potty but normally she doesn't do anything. I'm not forcing the issue right now, she will do it in her own time when shes ready. This is more than likely my last baby and I don't want to force her to grow up to fast. I say let kids be kids!
My cold is still hanging on but I think I'm getting a little better, I'm gonna wait til all my antibiotics are gone b4 deciding if I need to go back to the Dr. or not. I've got 2 left. Emma sounded a little wheezy this morning so I did a breathing treatment on her hoping she wont get bad! She is acting fine though, her normal energetic self. I wish I had half of her energy!

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