Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Papaws house

We went to my dad's house the other weekend. All the kids love it over there cause of all the farm animals. Here is Emma feeding the roosters! And here she is caught with the cupcakes! She sneaked them off the counter, knocked the whole container down and was munching away on them.
We all just had to laugh! Some things are to cute to get mad at, luckily there were only a couple left so it didn't ruin to many!

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JAmb said...

Oh my! Too cute. Love the story of Emma and the cupcakes. As my mom always asks me...did you write that down for when she is older? Haha. I hear that all the time so I wanted to ask someone else that question.

By the way I really enjoy all your blogging. You do such a good job.

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