Sunday, November 23, 2008

Our weekend and this weeks menu:

Over all we had a good weekend. yesterday was my niece's first birthday party. It was fun,. they reall went all out. They had lots of food, people, corn hole games, and a big bouncy blow-up thing, my kids enjoyed the bouncy thing., Emma really wanted to go in so we let Jess take her in.

I cant believe she will be one in less than 2 short months. And it will go fast with all the holidays approching.
Hubby is still on the hunt for his deer. NO luck yet, he goes out and sits in the woods for hours and never sees anything, he is getting very discouraged.
My menu is fairly simple this week due to the thanksgiving holiday.
*bean taco bake
*hamburgers, french fries, mixed veggies
*ham steak, potatoes, corn
*turkey day
*L-hot dogs/macorni D-pizza
*pancakes, sausage, eggs


Tereza said...

Oh they are adorable:) Love the little "fountain" on top of baby's head:)

Jaime said...

I used to put the girls' hair up like that. Emma is getting so big! Looks like they had fun.

Aimee Kieffer, aka "Momzoo" said...

I love the little ponytail on top, that is my favorite baby girl hair style...and with 4 daughters, I have done it A LOT! lol...

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