Saturday, November 1, 2008

Halloween costumes and home made goodies

Here are all 3 little ones in their Halloween costumes. Jess was a fairy princess, Gary a boxer, and
Emma a ducky! Isn't Jess just beautiful,,, I think so, but maybe I'm biast:) Gary didn't want to smile for this picture.
And here is some of the after affects of trick or treating. Don't worry, we didn't let Emma eat the candy, she just played with it a little bit.

When we got home tonight I made my new granola recipe.

And here is my yogurt all nestled up and ready for bed. I'm up for anything you can cook in the crockpot and this recipe you let it sit over night. So only morning will tell how it turns out...


Anonymous said...

Cute costumes! Your duck is so cute! :)


Tereza said...

I love the crockpot yogurt!! My kids like it too. We flavour ours with vanilla and sugar:)

Like the duck:)

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