Wednesday, November 5, 2008

A little braging on myself :)

It's been a long day today. I dont see much of hubby on Wednesday because he sleeps through the day, gets up to eat, goes bowling, then straight to work without coming home.:( No fun!

I just deal with it though. I've decided there isn no point in whining about all the little things, they arnt likely to change anyways. I have really been focusing on my job as a mother and wife. Not to brag on myself, but I really have come far in the homemaking aspect of my life. And I love it. I never go to bed without my kitchen being cleaned anymore. And years ago I would do that quiet a bit, now I just do it. I would rather be a little tired and spend 15 minutes in the kitchen cleaning after dinner than wake up to all that dried disgustingness in the morning first thing. I am not a morning person and looking at a mess is defiantly not the first thing I want to see!! I like my nice clean sink:) (That might be the flylady coming out in me though).

I do laundry every day, with the acception of maybe sometimes not doing it on the weekends. Its pretty much always caught up, if I dont do it, it just piles up to fast, then people are saying,,, mom I dont have any jeans, or Jill wheres my work pants???? I hate to hear that!!! You know your doing well in the laundry department when you have to tell your hubby and kids not to wear that because they just wore it yesterday, then they say but it was clean and in my drawer..:) Now thats keeping up with the laundry.....

God knows I am defiantly not perfect but i have came quiet a long way......:)


Aimee Kieffer, aka "Momzoo" said...

You just brag away! You should be proud.

I think you are right not to complain to your husband about those crazy wednesdays. It doesn't help any and it just makes men cranky....;-)

Jaime said...

Jill, you are doing wonderful. Keep up the good work! (does that sound like the teacher in me or what?!)

Anonymous said...

Good for you!!! I love a clean kitchen in the morning. :)

As for the laundry. Hubby hates it when he has to go looking for socks!! I do laundry every day. I will confess...I fold every other day. Sorry that's just the way it turns out. As long as he has socks, it's all good! lol!!

I agree...keep bragging!! :)


Andy said...

Jill, you've earned your bragging rights... I'm proud of you!!!

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