Monday, November 17, 2008

Mad Mondays

Today was a good day, but I was quiet lazy... well you cant be too lazy when your taking care of a 10 month old, a 11 month old, and a 3 year old all day long, but I dont feel like a got very much accomplished. Oh well,,, I got my everyday chores done and a lot of laundry. I was hoping to cross off a few things on my TO DO list but the only thing that got done on that was I cleaned the microwave. ITs just to hard to get the big things accomplished when your day is spent chasing around to crawling babies trying to keep them out of trouble. Oh well my list awaits me. Maybe this weekend will bring some big accomplishments!


Anonymous said...

Getting your everyday chores was a huge success with those 3 around! :) Two crawlers!! Wow do you have your hands full!


Tereza said...

I agree with Shannon!

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